New Purdue research building will offer a world’s first in hypersonic testing, materials development 

Imagine an aircraft flying 2,800 miles across the United States in only 15 minutes. A state-of the-art building ready for construction at Purdue University will provide the facilities to explore that idea through advanced hypersonic research.

The planned 65,000-square-foot Hypersonics and Applied Research Facility (HARF) will house two cutting-edge wind tunnels, enhancing Purdue’s world-leading capabilities in hypersonics evaluation and testing. The $41 million facility will house the only Mach 8 quiet wind tunnel in the world as well as a hypersonic pulse (HYPULSE) shock tunnel. The tunnels recreate different scenarios such as spacecraft re-entry or missile flight through the atmosphere as well as replicating unique engine conditions for extremely high-speed propulsion.

“Purdue’s rich hypersonics program includes both a broad bench of more than 40 experts and unique capabilities that allow the university to play an important role in the security of our nation,” said Theresa Mayer, Purdue’s executive vice president for research and partnerships. “This first-of-its-kind facility will further Purdue’s capacity to conduct research including tests and evaluations under real-world conditions for faculty, industry partners, federal agencies and other stakeholders.”

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