Hypersonics Advanced Manufacturing Test Capability (HAMTC) Awarded to Fiber Materials, Inc. and Purdue Applied Research Institute

S2MARTS has announced that Hypersonics Advanced Manufacturing Test Capability Test (HAMTC) has been awarded to Fiber Materials, Inc. and Purdue Applied Research Institute.

With modern hypersonic weapons capable of traveling over five times the speed of sound, technology has never moved faster than it does today. As U.S. adversaries are developing multiple hypersonic weapons that are reaching Mach 10 speeds, deterring those weapons is difficult as response time for defense is limited. To assure the national security of the United States, the Department of Defense (DoD) is prioritizing the development of hypersonic weapon systems.

OSD Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Program partnering with NSWC Crane and S2MARTS are addressing these critical capabilities through advanced manufacturing of hypersonic technologies. In June 2021, the Hypersonics Advances Manufacturing Test Capability (HAMTC) opportunity was created to directly address the hypersonic weapons development gaps.

Hypersonic vehicles are complex weapons to manufacture. Their mission requirements dictate they must endure extreme environments, sustain under immense heat, be durable through descension of the atmosphere and must also be lightweight and agile for maneuverability.

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